About Zumi

Welcome to Zumi! Here you will find a beautiful and diverse collection of African Art, Women's ethnic wear and a wide variety of clothing accessories, home décor, gifts, and more from Africa, Asia, and South America. So, you can experience the artistry of many different cultures without leaving your home. Many of Zumi's products come through companies or organizations that benefit the communities where they originate such as Serrv and World Finds. Become a fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/ZumiCollection and follow us on Twitter @ZumiCollection and Instagram at zumi_collect.
God has blessed me with the ability to follow what I enjoy. Zumi Collection is a company that was founded on the love of beautiful, colorful fabrics and uniquely styled clothing and my desire to find them and bring them to you! I am Lu Spaine and I own and operate Zumi Collection. I began this company in 1992 after being downsized from a major corporation. That was a very liberating experience. Since then I have had great fun selling at jazz and cultural events, and conferences around the country.
In 2001, I opened a shop in Des Moines near Drake University. This allowed me to expand the product line to include accessories, home décor, and musical instruments. All products originate from countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Many of the importers I work with contribute money back to the communities where the products are created. Certified Fair Trade products are also featured in the shop and the web site. Please feel free to contact me at luspaine@zumi.com with any questions about the products on these pages or if there is an item I can find for you.


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